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Energy Saving Double-Glazed Windows and Secondary Glazing – Energy Efficient Replacement Windows, Doors, sash windows, porches and conservatories

Energy Saving Trust - Energy Saving Recommended Scheme

Energy Saving windowsManufacturers voluntarily submit their windows for energy-efficiency accreditation. This is now very important to the organisations, as consumers are currently more aware of energy saving products and environmental issues. This is continuously increasing with many people so much more conscious of the financial benefits and savings that can be made.The Energy Saving Trust supports the British Fenestration Rating Council’s (BFRC) domestic window energy rating scheme (WER) by accrediting any window rated ‘band-C’ or above, helping consumers to readily compare the energy efficiency of competing products using a recognisable mark/grade for everyone to understand.

Look for the energy saving recommended logo when choosing your new double-glazing windows. You can then be sure they are the most energy efficient windows available. Manufacturer’s window products can now be assessed on a rating of A-G, the assessment is based on the whole window including the glass and seals etc. These grades are issues from the British Fenestration Ratings Council.

Energy Efficient Double-Glazed Windows and Secondary Glazing

It has been discovered that up to 20% of heat in your home is lost through poorly insulated window frames and single glazed windows. By considering to install double-glazing or secondary glazing windows in your home it will certainly save you money. Now that’s definitely worth thinking about!

This type of home improvement doesn’t have to be expensive, you don’t necessarily have to replace all your windows at the same time, although a saving could be made if you were in the position to do so, but there are other options.

If you decided to replace your windows with double-glazing then don’t be concerned about how this will affect the look of your home. There is a wide range of window styles and colours to choose from to help enhance the look of your house. The only consideration is to ensure there are no restrictions with the work you can carry out on your home, for example the age or location of your property, if your house was a listed building or in a conservation area.

Energy Saving Double Glazed WindowsIf you can’t afford to replace all your windows with new double glazing then why not choose to replace the windows in the rooms that cost you the most to heat, for example the rooms you spend most of your time in, like your living room. Considering this as option, you could still reduce the amount of heat lost through windows by half. Double glazing windows work by trapping air between two panes of glass, special inert gas is also an option, this creates an insulating barrier that reduces heat loss, noise and condensation, plus the great benefit of cutting your heating bill by £80 - £100 a year.

If double glazing is not for you, then there is always secondary double-glazing, although not as good as double glazing it will still save you money by cutting down heat loss and draughts.

The BFRC’s WER scheme is based on the whole window. The higher the BFRC rating indicates a more thermally efficient window. The window is given a rating of A-G BFRC bands of the window energy label. It is this band that provides the basis for energy saving recommended certification. So it’s very important for organisations to ensure their products are assessed and manufactured to the highest grade.

It is likely that the BFRC’s A-G bands will be incorporated into the revised Part L of the building regulations some time in 2006.

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